Add a Garage Space


Need that extra garage space at home? Stop using the tree as a protection and add some glamour to your driveway!

The new concept of garage.
Carport, Garage and Gazebo…ALL IN ONE!


GazeBox is the new and revolutionary foldable cover system. It can be used as a modern gazebo or as a garage for cars. The special anti UV polycarbonate panels give protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds. . Does not retain the heat. Easy to install, no special permissions required. “Made in Italy” patented product.


Change led colors using radio control.

Does the wind bother you? Adjust the fan.

Choose your look: carbon, wood, aluminium or stone.

Protect your car using a modern design and a strong carport.


• Multipurpose Carport, Garage, Gazebo.
• Easy to use.
• Automatic opening.
• Protects from the sun.
• Efficient air flow. Does not retain heat
• Protects from bad weather
• Snow and wind resistant
• Protects from birds and animals.
• Esclusive design made in italy.
• Customizable colors, graphics and more
• Durable framework.
• Excellent value.
• Requires minimal space.
• Aestethically pleasing.
• Further theft protection.
• Makes no water buildups.
• Removable structure.
• Quick anchorage to the ground.
• Independent fan regulation.
standard on Gazebox premium
• Painted and protected iron framework.
• Alveolar polycarbonate walls and roofs.
• Eased manual opening.
• Counterweight retaining springs.
• Led lights.
standard on Gazebox Luxury
• Painted and protected iron framework.
• Roof and walls in alveolar polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, wood, carbon, alluminium and stone look.
• Push button automatic opening.
• Back-up batteries.
• Counterweight retaining springs.
• Led lights.
On request
• Aerator.
• Air conditioner.
• Theft alarm.
• Hail and rain detector.
• Panels with a range of patterned surfaces.
• Solar panels.
• 1300 watt compact vacuum cleaner.
Sizes and Models
Gazebox S: 563 x 300 x 254 (L x W x H in cm)Gazebox M: 624 x 300 x 254 (L x W x H in cm)Gazebox L: 710 x 330 x 254 (L x W x H in cm)Gazebox XLM: 624 x 600 x 254 (L x W x H in cm)Gazebox XLL: 710 x 660 x 254 (L x W x H in cm)Gazebox 4YOU: customizable sizesPackaging: 340 x 160 x 140 (L x W x H in cm) 1000 Kg


Article info from MIKEA Engineering Rosciano (Pe) Italy

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